Shiu Fung

Tel: 07446112894  

I'm an aspiring 3D artist based in London, UK, holding a degree in 3D Games Art, specialising in creating 3D games environment for the current generation consoles. I'm able to create environments from concepts as well as conceptualise them myself from other inspirational material and forming my own concepts.
I am well versed in various software but I am always eager to undergo further training in other programs and enhance my personal and professional development in this field of work. I have a very keen interest in art of all forms and always on the look for inspiration for my next personal projects.

Key Skills

  • Maya experience. High and low poly modelling
  • Mudbox experience. High poly sculpting, texturing and baking
  • Photoshop experience. Digital painting and texture generation
  • UDK experience. Skilled in lighting, material and particle creation
  • Xnormal and Maya baking 
  • Knowledge of lighting and colour theory
  • Traditional art skills. Drawing and painting


Freelance. 3D Environment artist for "The Birdcage"


Freelance. Promotional video for Nottingham University's Chinese Society

February 2014

Created a 2D promotional video for the Chinese Society. I was given a week and used Photoshop, After Effects and Premier Pro to create a video advertising what they offer.

Education and Qualifications

BA Hons - 3D Games Art, University of Hertfordshire -  2:1   (2010 - 2013)

The final project for this course consisted of the creation of a video game trailer, captured and created to be optimum in a real time games engine. Our group, which consisted of myself and another student, went through the design stages of conceptualising the design of the trailer and fleshing out the idea with a back story, down to converting our idea into a 3D environment and creating the trailer with sounds and title sequences, all the while following deadlines and having weeklies.

Foundation Diploma - Art and Design - Distinction   (2009-2010)
City and Guilds certificate - Level 2 in Creative Techniques, Life drawing - Full human figure

This course improved my understanding of 2D skills from drawing and painting skills to human proportion and anatomy. My final project was a 2D stop motion animation created using traditional mediums.


  • Love for video games of all genres since childhood 
  • Food and cookery
  • Keen interest in film and animation 
  • Attending film and game conventions as well gaming gatherings/tournaments
  • Social gatherings
  • Visiting art galleries in my free time
  • Interest in art in all forms

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